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Leather Greaves

A good pair of leather greaves can save your life, or at least save your skin when it comes to reenactments and mock-battles. Modeled after traditional medieval greaves, the leather leg armour here at Medieval Armour is aimed at keeping your legs safe in a fight, ensuring that you can focus your attention on the battle at hand, instead of on how well protected you are. Virtually all of our leather greaves, ranging from the plain greaves to the more ornate and fantasy style greaves, are made from quality leather that is designed to stand up to wear, tear, and use, making each one a great LARP leather greave to wear when marching off into battle. Some are even made from armour-grade leather, making them perfect for use as SCA leather greaves too, where they will provide more than adequate protection against blows and glancing strikes that end up hurtling towards your legs. And we offer a range of different styles, from those modeled after medieval armour like our gladiator greaves and our roman greaves, to those modeled to suit fantasy and style, like our berserker leather greaves, as well as anything in-between the two that will perfectly serve as a set of knights greaves or mercenary greaves. There's no reason to march into battle with your legs unprotected, not when Medieval Armour offers a wide assortment of leather greaves, in a wide range of prices, ensuring that there's a leg protection that suits your needs, and more importantly, your taste.
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Paladin's Greaves

Item # RT-161
A complete armored look requires a breastplate, bracers, pauldrons, a tasset, and greaves. These Paladins Greaves will not only keep your legs protected, but they will do so while making you look like a regal warrior.

Praetorian Leather Greaves

Item # RT-200
The Praetorians of Ancient Rome needed armor that would not only protect them in battle but would allow them to be mobile. These Praetorian Leather Greaves recreate the armor of antiquity in supple and attractive modern leather.

Praetorian Leather Knee Greaves

Item # RT-201
The Praetorians of Ancient Rome needed armor that would not only protect them in battle but would also allow them to be mobile. These Praetorian Leather Knee Greaves recreate the armor of antiquity in supple and attractive leather.

Quintus Leather Greaves - Premium Version

Item # MY100797
Do not forget the shins when getting your armour. The Premium Version of the Quintus Leather Greaves is great for lower leg protection. They add a historical and militaristic detail to a fantasy outfit or the ideal LARP ensemble.

Quintus Leather Greaves - Standard Version

Item # MY100834
The smart soldier protects their lower legs. The Standard version of the Quintus Leather Greaves is great for the militaristic LARPer or reenactor looking to protect their lower legs. They add a historic detail to any fantasy outfit.

Rasmus Greaves

Item # MY101297
As a fearsome warrior, you know the importance of wearing armour and protecting your legs from enemy attack. You wear the Rasmus Greaves into battle. They are great for roleplaying events like LARP battles and cosplay conventions.

RFB Fighter Leather Greaves

Item # MCI-3195
A cloudless sky blesses the quest for adventure. A Northern army seeks warriors to aide a noble cause. Perhaps the role of mercenary or rogue awaits you. Whatever path you choose, the RFB Fighter Greaves completes a solid defense.

RFB Viking Leather Greaves

Item # MCI-3196
Sailing the Seven Seas leads the Norse warrior to lands unexplored. Adventure and riches await the courageous Viking raider. Prepare yourself for many unforgettable battles and unexpected challenges with the RFB Viking Greaves.

Robert Greaves

Item # MY100337
The Robert Greaves feature a unique construction. Thick suede strips have been woven together to make up the body of each greave, secured in place with a multitude of metal rivets. The suede construction lends a comfortable feel.

Scoundrel Leather Greaves

Item # RT-240
No richly adorned caravan enters the domain without your knowledge. As the bold leader of the fiercest bandits in the kingdom, you prepare for another raid with the Scoundrel Leather Greaves safely encasing your lower limbs.

Sigfrid Leather Greaves

Item # MY100201
Prepare your sword and shield for the attack. Gird yourself with strong armour. Let out a piercing shout as you charge into the enemy lines. Maintain a proud bearing and a secure foothold with the Sigfrid Leather Greaves.

Simon Leather Greaves

Item # MY100771
Nothing can cut an adventure short quicker than a kick to the shin from a mighty dwarf. That is why it is always best to go into the forest prepared. With the Simon Leather Greaves, even the strongest kicker will be no match for you!